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1 hour more

The storytelling project “1 hour more” aims to raise public attention about Parkinson’s disease at an international level, providing people with Parkinson’s with emotional and practical support.

This storytelling project is realised by Bookrepublic, with the endorsement of the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) and the sponsorship of Zambon SpA.

The heart of the project is a book of 24 real-life stories of hope and reaction written by a professional author and validated by the EPDA. The stories focus on the value of ‘time’ for people impacted with Parkinson’s, i.e. people with Parkinson’s, carers and healthcare professionals. There is also a practical part to the project, which is represented by a booklet of useful tips suggested by the people who have provided their stories (the interviewees). To support the project, a dedicated digital storytelling platform has been developed – From here, the community can read interesting stories but also submit their own personal stories on the value of time, answering the key question: “what would you do if you had one hour more a day?”. The identity of the people involved will not be revealed in the book, nor online. They will remain anonymous.

The book will be free of charge, and neither the EPDA nor Zambon will receive any compensation for its reproduction and distribution.


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