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Parkinson's information: asking questions

The medical team including your family doctor and neurologist, will be one of the main sources of Parkinson's information and help. You will probably have lots of questions that you want to ask your doctor and you should not be afraid or embarrassed to ask. The team that you see will have many years of experience in treating Parkinson’s. But they will not have treated anyone with your exact circumstances.

Communication is key to a successful partnership

The support you receive from the healthcare professionals involved in managing your Parkinson’s will be greatly influenced by good two-way communication so talk openly with them so that they understand your difficulties and concerns. They will then be able to tailor treatment to address your needs. Remember you are a partnership and together you can steer a course through the Parkinson’s journey that suits you.

Useful questions and answers for each stage of your journey

Parkinson's FAQs highlights some of the questions that you might like to think about, both now and as your Parkinson’s progresses. They are based on the experience of healthcare professionals, people with Parkinson’s and their families.

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